Monika Brandmeier, Plusminusnull – Horizont, 2018
Aluminiumverbundplatte, Aluminiumstab, Augenschrauben, 170 x 244,5 x 37 cm

Since the 80s Monika Brandmeier has been working on drawings and sculptures that have a clear, reduced appearance yet have little to do with minimalist positions. On the contrary, they pursue the idea of a poetically organised space and subjective conceptualism. In this way, the works on the whole use their directness as a form of argumentation, and paradoxically it is precisely this decision not to use external references and sources which in the first instance makes the works so inaccessible, unfamiliar and also secretive. Using pencil, oil paint, and sticky tape Monika Brandmeier gradually works through the frames of reference of her highly reduced and concentrated works. Her work is a process – she draws one line, which is then answered by the second and then the third. Sometimes the results are reminiscent of objects: cylinders, cushions, feathers, and a pink cloud on a frame.